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Pipe Freezing Kit PFK-100 - Where and When Can I Use It?

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Making plumbing repairs or replacing radiators can be a major headache. The situation gets even more complicated when you are forced to shut down and drain – and later, of course, refill the entire water system. In an industrial setting, the result is even more than a hassle; it means down time, with a loss in productivity and profit as a consequence. However, with the use of a pipe freezing kit, you can avoid this type of problem. The kit contains the equipment to literally freeze the water in the pipe upstream from the area that is to be repaired. You can perform the necessary maintenance without shutting down the whole system.

Contents of a pipe freezing kit

A pipe freezing kit is equipped with all the essentials to freeze your sections of pipe and handle the frozen metal. The main component of the kit is a number of freezing jackets, which are used to encase the pipes you will be working on; the jackets are designed to fit a range of pipe sizes, but be sure to measure your pipe’s diameter to make sure it is compatible before you purchase the kit. Also included are a T connector, high pressure hoses, and an unfilled cylinder to hold CO2, CO2 safety glasses and a pair of insulated work gloves, plus full instructions in how to use the kit, safely and effectively.

How it works

Before using the contents of the pipe freezing kit, you will have to turn off the water flow to the pipe. Above (upstream from) the pipe section you plan to work on, encircle the pipe with the freezing jacket. After this, with the aid of the hoses, fill the jacket with CO2. This will result in the formation of an ice plug, which will effectively stop the flow of water beneath it. You may then proceed to work on the pipe section without fear of leakage or flooding. When you are finished with the repair, simply remove the freezing jacket to permit the ice plug to thaw and the water flow to resume.

Where to use the pipe freezing kit

The pipe freezing kit is suitable for both vertical and horizontal pipes. It may be used for emergency plumbing repairs in either business or residential locations. The kit is especially handy when shutting down and draining the water supply would be difficult or impossible. This includes industrial settings, where “time is money” and the cost of hours of interrupted productivity would be prohibitive. Freezing the pipe may also be the most practical option for apartment dwellers or other building occupants who do not have access to a plumbing shut off valve.


Pipe Freezing Kit PFK-100 - Where and When Can I Use It

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