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High Foaming Coil Cleaner for Evaporators - How does it Work?

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Cleaning your HVAC evaporating coil as a do it yourself project is a great way to maintain your system in top running order while at the same time saving a good deal of time, money and hassle. There’s no longer any need to waste hours waiting for a high paid technician to come and do a job that you’re quite capable of tackling yourself. Of course, making sure you have the right equipment and supplies for the chore is the all important first step. And the number one supply you will need is a chemical cleaner that is especially made for cleaning an evaporating coil.

Choosing the right cleaner

There are various types of cleaning solutions designed to get the grime off your HVAC’s evaporator. The one that you select will depend on several different factors. First of all, you must choose one that will be safe for your particular a/c system. If you’re not sure what your evaporator is constructed from, check to make sure that the solution you plan to purchase can be used on all kinds of metals. The second question to consider is how dirty the evaporating coil is. If you clean it regularly, it may need just a light touch up in preparation for the beginning of the summer season. If your evaporator is really clogged, you’ll need to take a third point into account. That is, what type of dirt are you dealing with? It may be heavy dust clogging or thick grease, for example. Each of these needs to be handled in a special way.

The purpose of foaming coil cleaner

A foaming solution for evaporating coil cleansing is great at tackling heavy duty dirt, such as a coating of thick grease and other organic residue that has penetrated deep inot the coil bed. The action of the foam will lift the grease and grime right out, without forcing the residue further into the coil, so that it can be easily rinsed away. Look for a foaming coil cleanser that has been designed for use on aluminum and will not damage the metal. This kind of cleanser will effectively clean, brighten and disinfect even the most seriously soiled evaporators.

How to use foaming coil cleaner

Before cleaning any part of your HVAC, be sure to completely disconnect the unit from the power supply. Open the unit and with a professional manual coil sprayer, apply the foaming cleaner to the coil’s surface. The cleaner will shortly form a thick foam coating on the coil, which will lift out all the grease and other contaminants from the evaporator. The cleaner may then be simply rinsed off with water. A high pressure rinsing system is not necessary.



High Foaming Coil Cleaner for Evaporators - How does it Work

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